Okay, go get it!


  • Reset: automatically reset the LFO to the value specified by the phase control works in Freq or Sync mode! Time is always specified in bars/beats. This makes it a lot easier to work with the LFOs frequency, since you can know that no matter how much it changes, it will always reset at the specified interval.
  • Oneshot mode: LFO retriggers with manual trigger (near phase) and with the reset clock (if enabled)
  • Morph control: provides a unique transformation for each wave-shape
  • Morph lock: only change the morph value at the beginning of the waves cycle.
  • Weight control: use an exponent to skew the shape up or down
  • Takeover mode: temporarily bypass the LFO and control the value directly. The output crossfades between the LFO and the value over the time specified by the Fade control.
  • Fade: when using Hold or Takeover, the control will transition over a period specied in ms of beats (depending on Freq/Sync mode)
  • Qnt: Quantize the output in 16th note units. (0=off, 0.5=32nd) Get all those great sample-and-hold arpeggiator-like effects.


  • Separate controls for smooth up/down (linkable)
  • Phases range is scaled by the PhaseMultiplier control, so you can set its range from 10º to 720º.
  • Inversion control is now visible
  • Adjust the depth of the mapped control via number boxes (so you can use the depth and offset independently) present in the original, but not visible
  • Uses downsampling to produce similar CPU usage as the original, but with added features.